Welcome to Pravek Kalp

Based ​in ​India,​ ​Pravek ​Kalp​ ​is ​a ​company ​manufacturing ​​Ayurvedic ​​medicines ​and products ​using ​the ​latest ​production ​processes ​and ​required ​research. ​All ​the ​products are ​​made ​​keeping ​​in ​mind ​your ​​health ​​and ​​healing, ​​naturally.

Our Flagship ??Products

We boast of a vast portfolio, built by experts and maintained by professionals.
Out of a long list of products catering to general and specific ailments,
these are some of our flagship products:




Anti Allergic Oil



Pravek in the Market

Pravek has a small presence in the market right now but we are gradually expanding. By exporting products to Mauritius, Ukraine, USA and parts of America, Pravek has recognised a potential for growth in the global market as well. In India, we are available with various retailers. You can find some of them in our "Find a Store" section