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Title: General Manager: Sales (GM Sales)

Major Job Responsibilities:-

  • Develop and implement business strategies. Identify new market segments and target customers. Identify the best appropriate medium to utilize for the promotion of ayurvedic medicine. Develop and implement sales plans to achieve sales objectives.
  • Responsible for supporting the Sales Managers by tracking, investigating, and reporting sales information and resolving problems.

Other Job Responsibilities:-

  • Establish tie-ups and partnerships with other hospitals/clinics and gynecologists who deliver similar services.
  • Determine staffing requirements
  • Set employee goals and objevtives & monitor daily basis activity of all state managers 
  • Research accounts and generate or follow through sales leads.
  • Attend meetings, sales events and trainings to keep abreast of the latest developments.
  • Report and provide feedback to management using financial statistical data.
  • Maintain and expand client database within assigned territory.
  • Keep eye on competitors scheme and to suggest the marketing in product schemes as per industry requirements.

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Title: Zonal Sales Manager (ZSM)

Job Description :

  • To achieve the zonal business objective/ target (sales, collection, growth & PCPM) through the team of RMs, ABMs and MRs. 
  • Monitoring the secondary sales and inventory of every headquarters at every month. 
  • Monitoring the Customers Coverage (as well as Doctors and Chemists) by the Managers and MRs at every month with the required call average. 
  • Monitoring the strategy implementation by the field force.
  • Monitoring the Depot/ (C&FA) administration, sales forecasting, proper indenting and redistribution. 
  • Monitoring and review of Managers and their team members activities and business.
  • Fieldwork in the entire zone to identify new markets and opportunities.
  • Direction to weak territories and weak brands.
  • Engagement with KBLs/ KOLs through different academic activities.
  • Key account management.
  • Regular CMEs in the zone.
  • Identification and follow-up of training needs of MRs and Managers and giving them coaching for developing strong motivated team.
  • Vacancy management.
  • To develop the skills of the team members.
  • To keep the moral high of all team members. 
  • Monitor all special/ seasonal product schemes.

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Title: Regional Sales Manager (RSM)

Job Description :

Team Management

  • Lead and manage the team of Area Sales Managers, Sales Officers & MR's to achieve business objectives.
  • Recruiting, training and development of the field functionaries to ensure sales and operational efficiency.
  • Identifying the training needs and planning/ imparting training programmes to Sales Associates.
  • Exceptional skills in communication, presentation with demonstrate abilities in training, team building and driving front liners / Sales Officers to achieve goals.
  • Ensure the team is fully aware of their roles, responsibilities and monthly priorities.
  • Ensure the team is adhering to work timings, daily report submissions and professional approach to all customers.
  • Set objectives and priorities for the team. Consistently monitor performance and progress to goals.

Planning & Management

  • Identifying potential markets/ dealers, trade opportunities and recommending new business development plans.
  • Preparing the product-wise, segment-wise, area-wise and dealer-wise sales forecasts for the territory assigned on the basis of historic data/ marketing size and sales trend.
  • Monitoring the stocks inventory sales and collection on a daily basis and providing necessary support to the team for successful achievement of the business plan.
  • Formulating monthly tour plan and schedules for team members for better coverage of territory and frequently meeting trade partners.

Business Development

  • Interacting with Marketing and Brand Development Department on regular basis and coordinating all activities with them in terms of POPs, wet samplings and other brand development initiatives.
  • Keeping track of local events and celebrations to explore the possibilities of getting associated with it to improve brand image and sales.
  • Ensuring successful launch of new products by taking care of pre-delivery inspection, product introduction, USP brief, price and scheme guidelines.

Channel Management

  • Providing complete assistance to the dealers within the assigned territory to ensure secondary sales for e.g. timely product supply, brief of product USP, price structure, and advertisement material supply.
  • Ensuring that all the communications are documented to avoid any verbal commitments given to channel partners on account of product pricing, schemes, cash discounts, sales-collection linked benefits, etc.
  • Serving the requirements in the quickest time to ensure dealer satisfaction on issues pertaining to customer service, logistics, accounting, etc.
  • Endeavoring for settlement and recoveries of old and disputed accounts.

Training & Development/ MIS

  • Arranging to provide product basics training, demonstrators performance tracking for timely decisions.
  • Educating the team on the trade schemes, consumer offers, price circulars, etc. for greater clarity.
  • Preparing MIS reports based on product performance, feedback on quality, competitors network, schemes, promotional activities, pricing, product launches and regularly communicating the same to the management.
  • Generating and submitting all prescribed reports (daily sales report, dealers outstanding tracking report, dealer-wise, town-wise target vs. performance and old recovery settlement status) for every cycle.

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Title: Area Sales Manager (ASM)

ob Description :

  • Appoint and manage Super Stockist and Distributors, Retailers and Institutional Sales.
  • Familiar with modern retail and doctor prescriptions.
  • To ensure doctors in each area are attended to and prescriptions for company products are written by them.
  • Exposure to organize sales promotion campaign for brand building.
  • Familiar with product launching.
  • Ensuring product-wise/ quarter-wise sales targets.
  • Plan and implement monthly and annual sales strategies.
  • Manage the team to deliver the monthly targets.
  • Go for sales meetings with the other specialists of the company.
  • Keep an eye on overdue payments and regularize collection.
  • Keep stockist inventory data.
  • Joint working with SOs.
  • Make Beet and Route plan for SOs.

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Title: Sales Officer (SO)

Job Description:
Visit the hospitals to meet Doctors, Physicians, Distributors, Chemists for recommendation and promotions of products.

Major Job Responsibilities:

  • Delivering primary and secondary targets with effective control on outstanding with distributors.
  • Effective relationship with Doctors for prescription generation and pharmacies for business generation.
  • Territory business potential optimization with new areas openings, distributor appointments, retail coverage and doctor activations.
  • Competition observation/ monitoring by gathering regular marketplace information on pricing, products, new products, schemes, drives, delivery schedules, merchandising techniques, etc.
  • Customer centric approach in resolving customer complaints by investigating; developing solutions; preparing reports and making recommendations to management.
  • Work as per Beet and Route Plan.
  • Cover all Ayurvedic, Pharma Store, Gereral Store as well as Prescription & Dispencing Vaid/ Doctor and to keep records.

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Title: Store Executive

Job Description :

  • Required knowledge of RM/ PM/ Purchase.
  • Handling service contracts/ rate contracts etc.
  • Good knowledge of store activity.
  • Passing GRN, issuing material to concerned department.
  • Making purchase order of RM/ PM/ Services/ Engineering.
  • Maintaining purchase and store records.
  • Coordination with all concerned departments regarding new purchase.

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Title: Production Manager

Job Description:

  • Managing and manufacturing overall production activity of patent, classical, semi-processed material, shodhan, etc.
  • Uses of raw material, machinery and manpower to create a product.
  • Keeping the smooth production process to minimised waste and bring our products in the most cost-effective manner.
  • The production process contains various steps for quality products under GMP norms as per the category of the product i.e. for patent and classical formulation.
  • Main process is to work as per flow chart of each category. Using various steps for quality products quath, murchan shodhan, semi-processed material etc.
  • "For Example, Flow of Syrup Production:-
    Collection of Raw Material (Weighing) > Javkut >  Soaking > Boiling > Separation of Decoction > Mixed with Sugar > Addition of Preservative, Colour and Flavour etc. > Filter > Proceed to Packaging Section."
  • Verification and authentication of each batch report like BPR etc.
  • Involved in PMT (Product Management Task) like visulate, literature etc.
  • Complete eye-contact in the manufacturing process suggestions to the concern for quality assurance performance.
  • Complete knowledge of products- that includes pharmacology, mechanism of the ingredients etc. Being educated in Marketing and Field-Staff regarding knowledge of products.
  • Responsible for product quality assurance.
  • Performing supply chain activity to indent and procure packing material from store like label, carton etc.
  • Suggestion of new product formulation and their mechanism.
  • Establish workflow policies that enhance speed and efficiency as well as to create schedules for employees to ensure optimam staffing levels.

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Title: Production Executive

Job Description:

  • To achieve maximum required production target and improvise process to adhere zero batch failures.
  • Responsible for daily-routine production planning, scheduling and control of shift activities.
  • Monitoring availability of RM/ PM for uninterrupted production.
  • Monitoring correct procedure and control the parameters as per the process validation.
  • Responsible to ensure that production records are evaluated and signed by a designated person before they are made available to the Quality Control Department.
  • To ensure proper documentation and CGMP are followed for quality and value addition in production processes.
  • Ensure plant is at any time readiness (ATR) for audits.
  • Implentation of cost improvement production projects
  • Maintain Batch Manufacturing Records (BMR), Batch Packing Records (BPR), Equipment and General Logbooks and ensure environmental condition of running machines as per process requirement.
  • To actively participate in calibration/ validation of machinery, process, equipment, training program etc. as directed by Production Manager.
  • Responsible for proper maintenance of department.
  • Organizing preventive maintenance as per schedule.
  • Any other job responsibility which may be assigned by the Management from time-to-time.

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Title: Packaging Executive

Job Description:

  • To achieve department objectives like Production, DPR, Line Efficiency, and OEE, Manpower Cost Reduction Targets.
  • Responsible for smooth functioning of Shop Floor.
  • Coordination with QA/ Purchase/ Store/ Engineering/ Tool Room and PPC Departments for smooth operation. 
  • Responsible to solve the tooling and fixtures related problems to increase productivity and troubleshooting.
  • Maintaining and raising morale of subordinate through kaizens, job rotation, skills matrix, rewards and trainings to achieve target and improve quality. 
  • Production schedule, achieve daily and monthly targets with set Quality Standards, Daily Defect Analysis and taking countermeasures. 
  • Dos and don’ts training, implementation of 5S, kaizen, SPC, TPM, 7QC Tools, JIT special parameter checking on job training to operators and subordinates.

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Title: Literature Support


  • Minimum 2 years of experience in any reputed Ayurvedic/ Pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

Job Description

  • Assist in the development of patent and proprietary ayurvedic and herbal formulations.
  • To develop literature on various products as per requirement (with scientific and related journal support).
  • Should have knowledge of labeling and packaging of ayurvedic classical and proprietary products as per Drugs and Cosmetics Acts and Rules. Should also be able to suggest the management about of trend in kholi (box), label and container.
  • Should be able to provide kholiand label contents as per the product and the current legal requirements, and approve the final product label and kholi for printing.
  • Should be able to assist the R&D for new product development , and can suggest for product extention.
  • Candidate must have the ability to develop quality control parameters.
  • Ability to handle Doctors'/ Vaids'/ Sales/ Product related queries over the phone.

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